Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to the area, where can I get an exam?

  • Contact your insurance company for a directory of eye doctors. If you need a referral, please call 617-254-2020

I am out of contacts and my prescription is valid.

  • Bring the empty contact lens box or a copy of the contact lens prescription. In most cases, you will have the lenses the next day.

I am out of lenses and need them for the weekend

I like my frame and want to change the lenses and cannot leave my glasses

  • I have in office lab, I order the lenses and replace them while you wait.

I lost my glasses and do not have a copy of my prescription.

  • I can call the doctor and get a copy of the prescription and expedite making a new pair

I broke the frame.

  • If the lenses are usable, I can transfer them into a new frame, while you wait,

I bought a frame online, can you put the lenses in?

  • Yes, you can use a frame you purchased elsewhere

How many styles of frames do you have for me to try on?

  • I have plastic, metal combination frames from various companies. I have over 300 frames on display

When can I expect to receive my glasses/contacts after my order is placed?

  • I provide 1 or 2-day turnaround on single vision lenses with the in-office lab. The more complicated prescription generally 4 or 5 days. Most contacts are available in store in 1 or 2 days, direct ship to home or office is 2 days.

Can I have my glasses/contacts shipped to my house? Or do I pick them up in store?

  • I do direct ship of contacts to your home or office. You can pick them up in the office.

    I prefer to fit the glasses to you but they can be shipped.

Do I have to make an appointment or can I just stop in?

  • I have walk in service