Contact Lenses

   Brighton Optical fits all contact lenses, soft single vision, astigmatism bifocals, and custom soft lenses for high prescriptions.  Two week and Monthly are available.

Need a contact lens that can keep up with your lifestyle ?

The greatest satisfaction with contact lenses wearer is One Day lenses

    • 1- Day Lenses come in prescriptions for nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatism and bifocals.

    • 1-Day Lenses are also a great choice for part-time contact lens wearers. No more guessing the condition of the lenses before you put it on your eye.

    • Convenience, no time-consuming cleaning regimens, and no cleaning solutions to buy. You avoid contact lens maintenance with daily disposables.

    • 1 Day Lenses are cost efficient because you are not buying cleaning solutions, enzyme cleaner or other solutions which you discard daily. Your costs are for the lenses only, not solutions

    • If you are a two week or monthly wearers, when you factor the savings of solutions cleaning and re-wetting drops and replacement of lost or damaged lenses before replacement schedule.The yearly cost are similar.

    • The manufacturer's (click rebates)*rebates* make the cost very competitive or better than your current two week or monthly lenses. Additionally, many health insurance plans pay for contacts. Your FSA, flexible” spending account” allow for contact lenses and glasses.

    • Brighton Optical offers a trial fitting of One Day lenses. Please contact the office for details, 617-254-2020